Our Campaign

The fraud was uncovered in September 2015 and since then, the victims have tried to understand what happened to their money and assets.

Despite numerous requests for information to Credit Suisse, the Bank has been unwilling to supply any documentation beyond that requested by the Swiss criminal authorities and Courts during trials against the Bank’s subsidiaries. Despite an admission of liability during the trial in Singapore, Credit Suisse continue to refuse to accept responsibility for the crimes committed by its personnel over more than six years or compensate the victims.

Our Campaign seeks answers to the following basic questions:

  1. Why did Credit Suisse’s systems and controls not prevent the fraud?
  2. How were Credit Suisse employees able to bypass whatever risk management and compliance policies were in place?
  3. Why do you refuse to take responsibility for the multiple failures at Credit Suisse which came to light during the trials?
  4. Why do you continue to appeal the Judgements in Bermuda and Singapore?
  5. When will the full amount of the stolen funds be repaid to our clients?
  6. What measures have been taken to ensure this will never happen again?


We will continue our campaign until these questions have been answered and our clients have been compensated.