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The group represents various fraud victims mentioned in the media surrounding this case, which can be found here.

The victims’ identities are less important than Credit Suisse’s failures, which have led to the criminal conviction of one of its employees, an internal investigation by PwC, intervention of the regulator, Judgements against its subsidiaries and the award of hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

The victims entrusted their investments to Credit Suisse because of the Bank’s history and reputation; they believed their assets would be safe, that experts at Credit Suisse would ensure their investments would be professionally managed, and their families’ future would be secure. They did not believe that as much as $1 billion of their assets would be stolen and mismanaged, or that Credit Suisse would actively obstruct their attempts to gain lawful redress.

We believe that Credit Suisse clients and shareholders should be aware of Credit Suisse’s conduct since the discovery of the fraud, particularly the way in which the Bank has actively worked against the victims’ efforts to understand how the crime was perpetrated and what happened to their assets.

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